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On April 8th, 2024, the Ozarks will experience a rare total solar eclipse, dubbed the Great North American Eclipse. The eclipse will impact all of the Ozarks, but for viewers to experience the total darkness of the eclipse, they must be in the Path of Totality, which will run through the eastern Ozarks in Missouri and Arkansas. Towns such as West Plains, Willow Springs, Thayer, Gainesville, and Mountain View in Missouri, and Mammoth Springs, Hardy, and Mountain Home in Arkansas will experience several minutes of total darkness in mid-day!

While it is impossible to predict how many tourists will visit the Ozarks to view the eclipse, it is safe to say that there will be more than usual. Consider, for example, that some of the larger cities like Springfield, Branson, and Columbia are just outside of the path of totality for the eclipse and will not experience full darkness. Fortunately, it’s only a short drive to one of the many other Ozarks towns that will be directly in the path! Prepare your business to turn those tourists and visitors into customers by downloading and using our free Ozarks Eclipse Media Kit to promote your business, events, and products. The Ozarks Eclipse Media Kit was designed to be a useful guide with easy-to-use templates and marketing materials you can use as the Total Solar Eclipse approaches.

Be sure to join us on June 8th for Beyond the Eclipse: How to Attract Tourists and Keep Them Coming Back, hosted by HIVEMINDED Marketing, creators of the Ozarks Eclipse Media Kit. The workshop will focus on how to use the media kit to promote your business, events, and communities alongside your own logos and branding. You’ll also learn how to use additional tools, such as regional branding and AI marketing tools to make your marketing even more impactful.

Check out our Eclipse Resources for more information about the Great North American Eclipse.

Preview of the Ozarks Eclipse Media Kit

You’ll find everything you need to market your business, events, specials, and more during the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse. You’ll also find some regional marketing tools for The Ozarks. Regional or destination marketing can dramatically improve your visibility to tourists and visitors. Incorporating logos and colors for The Ozarks in your marketing content will help draw even more attention to your business!

Here’s the Full list of files:

  • Ozarks Eclipse Marketing Toolkit: complete style guide for using The Ozarks and The Ozarks Eclipse brand
  • Marketing Maps: beautiful maps of The Ozarks that can be edited to feature Your Town with detailed instructions for use
  • Logos for The Ozarks and The Ozarks Eclipse (both of which make excellent stickers)
  • Designs for Promotional Merchandise, such as stickers or t-shirts
  • 18-Month Countdown to The Eclipse: a detailed timeline document designed for eclipse visitors and planners alike
  • 4 Sample Press Releases that can be customized:
    • Eclipse Planning Meeting
    • Community Engagement Drive
    • Volunteer Recruitment
    • Eclipse Event Announcement

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