Cheri Combs

Cheri K. Combs is a proven strategic advisor, leader and collaborator with over 30 years of problem-solving experience in numerous industries and all types of business entities at various levels of maturity, assisting individuals to reach their full potential with business and personal endeavors. She brings ideas to action with responsible fiduciary and governance oversight. As a Tax Partner with Deloitte and Touche, global professional services firm, Cheri led the St. Louis Tax Practice from 2012 thru 2017, with prior assignments in the Greater Washington, D.C. areas and in Salt Lake City, Utah.   She has received multiple Deloitte awards acknowledging her leadership, encouragement and mentorship of nearly 20 partners/directors through their candidacy as well as countless other successful promotes. She has been the Lead Client Service Partner and strategic advisor to large multinational public corporations and to numerous other corporate and private clients of Deloitte, including start-up, emerging and high-growth entities, helping them to be successful in many areas of their businesses including taxes.

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