Supervisory/Leadership Series at OzSBI


We are bringing back the MTI: Supervisory Series for Spring 2018.  


All sessions is $545 General and $495 Member
Full Day Session is $195 General and $165 Member
Half Day Session is $145 General and $125 Member


We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.


Online registration is available here for all sessions. You may also register by calling the OzSBI office at 417-256-9724 or by emailing
The deadline to register for the entire series is Tuesday, March 27th at 2pm. The deadline to register for a full day or half day session is the Tuesday before that session by 2pm.

If you have questions please email

Here is the lineup of workshops:

Day 1: Building Effective Relationships (full day session) March 30
Building effective relationships with the team members you supervise is one of the best strategies to ensure team performance and prevent future conflicts. By focusing on relationships, you gain trust and respect. This full day session will examine personality differences, generational differences, and how to proactively build trust. 

Day 2: Your Legal Responsibilities (AM half day session) April 6
Supervisors are often placed in a difficult position. On one hand they are charged with motivating and directing the workforce. On the other, they must protect the organization from liability. This session will explore the legal responsibilities of the supervisory role by examining best practice solutions to discrimination, sexual harassment and the progressive discipline process.

Day 2: Communicating Successfully (PM half day session) April 6
In today’s fast-paced business environment, successful communication requires more than just speaking your mind loudly enough for others to hear you. This session will sharpen both your written and verbal communication skills to maximize understanding and minimize confusion among those you communicate with.

Day 3: Leading High-Performance Teams (AM half day session) April 13
As the supervisor, you are responsible for the leadership of your staff. This session will address the interpersonal and organizational advantages of working together. You will also participate in some experiential learning exercises that illustrate what it takes to lead others through the challenges of team development. Finally, learn how to set team boundaries and communicate team expectations to increase the commitment and performance of your employees.

Day 3: Guiding Conflict Resolution (PM half day session) April 13
In the workplace, even healthy differences can escalate into conflict. Addressing conflict quickly and effectively is a crucial supervisory skill. This session enables participants to recognize the signs that conflict exists, assess each conflict situation and serve as a catalyst to encourage those involved to achieve resolution.

Day 4: Coaching Employees (full day session) April 20

The coaching process is central to performance management. By creating the appropriate climate and context to empower individuals and teams, great coaches are able to achieve extraordinary results. The workshop will provide you the coaching tools you need to motivate, delegate and diagnose performance problems; provide performance feedback; and facilitate the problem-solving process for employees.

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