OzSBI Offering 2 Professional Development Courses in August


OzSBI Offering 2 Professional Development Courses in August


WEST PLAINS, Mo. – Managers and supervisors are critical to the operation of every organization.  They oversee employees and are charged with the task of getting work done through other people.  Providing your managers the tools to motivate employees, coach them and resolve conflict is key to helpinhg your organization run smoothly.  If you have new managers who need help connecting with the employees they manage or existing supervisors who need a refresher course, OzSBI has the solution for you.  OzSBI is offering two professional development seminars this month in cooperation with the Missouri Training Institute at the University of Missouri.—Motivating Employees and Coaching and Conflict.  These courses have been well-received. Here is what a past attendee said about these seminars,  “It was wonderful and I look forward to see how I grow as a leader from taking this course and the results that will show at the office.” Dr. Cammie Svuba, Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Center.


The cost for each session is $165 or $145 for OzSBI member.  Sign up for both and receive a $15 discount. Enrollment in the series can be done online at www.ozsbi.com or by calling 417-256-9724. The deadline to register is Friday, August 25, 2017 at 2pm. Seating is limited and going fast so call to reserve your spot today.




Motivating Employees, August 30 9am-4pm

This workshop will explore the topic of employee motivation and why the carrot and stick approach to energizing your employees just doesn’t work.  Learn what you can do to create a work environment of motivated employees who consistently demonstrates a willingness to perform and achieve results. 

What You Will Learn: Define employee motivation; what it is and what it is not; Examine organizational structures and systems that can either enhance employee motivation or destroy it; Discuss the appropriate use of extrinsic motivators; Identify the intrinsic motivators of your employees and what you can do to tap into them for improved performance; Explore three fundamental factors for employee motivation:  autonomy, mastery, and purpose.


Coaching and Conflict, August 31 9am-4pm

This workshop examines two functions critical to supervisory success; coaching employees and handling conflict.  Identify tools and techniques to help shape your employees’ behavior on the job and what to do when conflict among your staff is not promoting creativity or innovation but decreased morale, more re-work and lower productivity.

What You Will Learn: What coaching is; Coaching strategies based on your employees’ ability and willingness to do the job; Supervisory tools used by effective coaches; Your personal conflict management style as well as the style of those around you;  How each conflict management style can be used for different outcomes; A six-step process for working through conflict in a more collaborative way.



Rae Lee England is a Business Trainer and Consultant for the Missouri Training Institute (MTI). Rae designs and delivers training on a variety of topics including leadership, management, customer service, sales and workplace issues.  She has training experience in several areas including banking and finance, human resources, education, and marketing industries.  Rae was also instrumental in developing and delivering the State of Missouri’s Career and Vocational 

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