OzSBI manages two microloan programs. One microloan program is for entrepreneurs and business owners who need capital to start, operate or expand a business. The other program, Jobs Through Education, is for individuals wanting to pursue vocational training to further their career. To learn more about either of these programs contact OzSBI.


OzSBI Microloan for Business

The Ozarks Small Business Incubator offers low-interest microloans to the public operating a business in Douglas, Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Shannon, Texas and Wright counties. OzSBI’s Microloans may be used as a direct loan, seed capital or "gap" financing combined with other lending. Eligible uses include:

  • Purchase equipment, furniture, and fixtures
  • Increase working capital
  • Purchase inventory and supplies
  • Pay for educational training
  • Start or expand their business
  • Purchase real estate (as gap financing with local banks)

Loans may be made for a minimum of $2,500 and a maximum of $25,000. Maximum term of the loan is 10 years. Loans are only available to provide up to a maximum of 80% of the total project cost. All loans are made at an annual interest rate of 5.5%, (rates are subject to change).

The OzSBI Microloan Program is another benefit OzSBI provides to help businesses grow.

OzSBI Microloan Brochure

Oregon County and Mammoth Spring, AR Brochure

Contact Ila Sloan at or at 417-256-9724


OzSBI access to capital


OzSBI Microloan for Education

Jobs Through Education provides low-interest loans for tuition to individuals furthering their education via vocational and technical training in order to remain in our region. Applicants must live and attend school in Douglas, Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Shannon, Texas or Wright counties. Loan amounts will be made only for the cost of educational training. Loans are paid directly to the educational institution providing the vocational or technical education program. Loan payments begin no later than 45 days after completion of the course.


Loan Process & Requirements

  • Downtown West Plains, Inc. provides revolving low interest loans for tuition to individuals furthering their education via vocational and technical training.
  • Interested parties must live in: Douglas, Howell, Oregon, Ozark, Shannon, Texas, or Wright counties.
  • All applications must be accompanied by two letters of reference.
  • A $20 non-refundable application fee is due at the time of submission.
  • All loan applications require a co-signer.
  • All applications are reviewed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Please allow at least 4 weeks for processing your application.
  • Loan amounts will be made only for cost of educational training.

Jobs Through Education Brochure


Required Documents:

Student Application  

Co-signer Application

Credit/Background check


Mail application form to:
Downtown West Plains
408 Washington Ave
West Plains, MO 65775