OzTech Hack-Attack

Brought to you by the OzTech Planning Team.

What is Hack-Attack?

Hack-Attack is West Plains’ first Hackathon, where you’ll hack together a solution to a problem you attack. (cue rim-shot, ba-dum-bum)
Ok, bad jokes aside from one of the Organizers, Hack-Attack is geared to anyone and everyone in the community.  Many Hackathons set a theme as a way of defining some parameters, like developing an app for one of the local non-profits.  However, us here on the OzTech team, thought that for our first of many Hackathons, we should be as inclusive as possible.  Thus, what project or problem do you have or see that just needs some focused time to attack it?  Would having other people around who are just as dedicated to talking, collaborating, networking, coding, solving, and developing among many other skills help get some progress on the project?  Or what about the services of a dedicated work space to just come and work, would that aid in getting the project off the back burner?  If the answer(s) to those questions is/are “Yes!” then this event is for you. Also, did we mention that this event is 100% FREE to attend?  We haven’t yet?  Guess we should have led with that point.  Anyways, let’s get onto some more FAQ:

Who is this event for? Anyone, but we believe you should have:

-A knowledge of coding, as we’re not teaching workshops at this event

-A problem that you want to attack and solve and/or

-A willingness to jump onto teams and help others out with your skillset, along with

-An attitude for collaboration on making the best solutions possible in 24 hrs 

-(or in the case of failures -as “Failure is always an option” Adam Savage quote- learning from those failures and discovering a new starting point for the next time)

What will you do?

You have 24 hrs(-ish) to do a thing in coding, web development, or another technical project. Bring your own project to work on for the 24 hour window, select from a curated list from your organizers, or just come to help others develop their ideas.

What will you get?

A sense of accomplishment of tackling a problem in 24 hours. (and there is a commemorative item for being at the first Hack-A-Event in West Plains)

Will I have to share my project and join teams? 

Sharing your ideas at the 6:30pm kickoff is encouraged, but you do NOT have to give up on your idea like a Startup Weekend.  This weekend is centered around Collaboration, Networking, and helping Build the Tech Community.  If you want to work on your own that fine.  You want to work with someone for the 24 hours, also fine.  You just want to collaborate on as many things, also fine. Plus, you never know that just because you don’t think your knowledge of something or someone’s profession is never going to be useful to someone, like knowing the Weather Station’s Chief Meteorologist won’t help someone get some answers to their improved weather prediction model that they built for fun. (True story)

Will I have to present my solution(s)?

Again, you won’t have to, but it is encouraged to show everyone what you’ve worked on. We encourage presentations and demos.  Your OzTechTeam is happy to help you set up something (even some simple slides of powerpoint) to show where you started, and where you ended up.

Cost of the event? 

FREE! & This event is relaxed, it’s come when you can. We appreciate you confirming with us beforehand if you’re attending, but it’s not needed.  To be allowed on site, you’ll sign in at the Main Door to get your registration and after hour info.   

From all of us on the OzTech Team, we hope you can attend, and we look forward to a productive 24 hour event! Must pre-register at the link below. 


Date: Friday, March 29, - Satruday, March 30, 2019 

Time: 6 to 6 p.m. 

Price: FREE

Location: OzSBI 

Register: Click Here to register online 

Date of Event: 
Mar 29 2019 - 6:00pm to Mar 30 2019 - 6:00pm