Lunch & Learn: Human Resource Solutions for Small Business

Growing a business is hard... Creating a great place to work is even harder. What if there was a solution that helped you accomplish both? Employer Service Partners is a team of dedicated HR professionals that is committed to helping your company create the quality work place that you've always wanted. Our services cover simple, yet time consuming, activities like payroll and tax and expand all the way to employee benefits plans and critical employee development services and training.

Date: Thursday, July 20, 2017

Time: 12 pm to 1pm

Price: FREE and includes lunch

Location: OzSBI's Large Meeting Room

Register: Click Here to register online You may also email or call 417-256-9724

Guest Speaker: 

Jeff DeCarlis

Jeff DeCarlis has been starting up and running small to mid sized businesses for the past 16 years. The businesses range from manufacturing to Logistics and transportation. Over the course of those years Jeff found that he was most passionate about creating opportunities for the people. He learned that the more he focused on his people and their opportunities, the more the other critical aspects of his business seemed to fall into place. Imagine that. Happier, more fulfilled employees, the better the business ran. Sounds simple. But creating a great place to work is often one of the hardest tasks that business owners and leaders face. After spending a number of years learning what worked, and also what didn't work; Jeff decided to utilize his experience to help other small businesses improve as well. Now involved in Employer Service Partners, Jeff has the opportunity to help others reduce HR related costs, improve quality of workplace, and create more time to focus on more critical growth aspects of starting and running a company.

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Date of Event: 
Jul 20 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm