Leading with Strengths

OzSBI and Three Rivers College Presents:

Leading With Strengths

Customized leadership training from OzSBI and Three Rivers College for managers, supervisors, leads, and all levels of an organization. Leading from strengths is the most natural, powerful, fulfilling way to lead! This is not just training for your leaders. It is customized coaching! The course includes:

  • Top 5 StrengthsFinder assessments for all participants

  • Full 6-hour strengths training session with a Gallup-certified strengths coach, up to 25 participants

  • Training materials and handouts

  • Hours of in-depth analysis (preparation for training) on participant’s assessments

  • All modules include presentation, interactive discussion, and team-building activities

Module 1: Start with Talent — Finish with Strength

  • Learn why strengths-based leadership is the most effective leadership strategy

  • Each participant understands and claims his/her top 5 talent themes

  • Discover the “balconies” and “basements” of each talent theme, including how these show up in leadership as advantages or deficits

  • Create understanding, tolerance, and honoring of each other through strengths

Module 2: The Power of Strengths-Based Partnerships

  • Understand theme dynamics between team members

  • Create understanding around how participants lead, based on their strengths; discuss how these themes have been successful in leadership and how they must be matured further to maximize effective leadership

  • Learn to intentionally build strengths-based partnerships

Module 3: The DNA of the Team

  • Understand the four domains of strength and how these apply to leadership and team

  • Learn to make a team great— not just good

  • Discover the power of the team strengths grid and how to apply it

Module 4: The Best of Us

  • Address team misconceptions because of misunderstood strengths

  • Identify when and why the team gets the best and worst of each membe


Date: Friday, June 8

Time: 9am to 4pm

Price: $199 for General, $179 for OzSBI Members

Location: OzSBI Conference Room

Register: Click here



Alia Stowers, Leadership Consultant and Presenter

Alia Stowers is a Leadership Consultant who works with managers and teams. Her passion is in helping organizations develop high-performing teams and engaged work environments. She has been coaching leaders for 15 years and has a natural diagnostic gift when consulting with organizations. Her leadership training topics include engagement, diversity, communication, and team-building. Alia's communication and teaching style is fun, interactive, and unique. A natural communicator, she has her M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Evangel University, and is a Gallup-certified strengths coach.

Alia has worked with leaders in many industries, including manufacturing, consulting/training, education, healthcare, financial institutions, government, and faith-based non-profit organizations. She has trained the leaders in such organizations as 3M, Positronic Industries, The Great Game of Business, EFCO (Pella), and the Missouri Office of Homeland Security. In some cases, Alia has been able to train all teams and plants or has created a long-term Leadership Academy for leaders.

She is also a sought-after conference speaker, having presented at Missouri State University’s Conference on Diversity & Inclusion;  Iowa Employment Conference; Missouri Community Action state conference, and many more.




Date of Event: 
Jun 8 2018 - 9:00am